A-Nicolas has been practicing ropes since his twenties, and photography since his thirties. His work comes from his study of Japanese kinbaku/shibari as well as from his different body practices: Aikido, Thai massage, Tango, Contact-improvisation, System A. …
He lived in Japan for 4 years, where he met his master Arisue Go, devoting his time to aikido, japanese culture, and rope study. After coming back to Europe, under the name Nicolas Yoroi, he has developed his style of tying known as Yoroi-ryu.
He had helped create rope communities in countries across Europe, as well as collaborating and performing across Europe and North America.

He has also studied with Tessin Doyama, Kinoko, Ottonawa, Kazami Ranki, Felix Rucker, Shadow, Pedro… and has done many workshops/exchanges with other international presenters.

Main Date

1997 – Starts Aikido 1999 : Discovers/Starts Rope
2004 : First Travel In Japan
2005 – 2006 : Studies in Japan
2007 – 2008 : Studies in Japan
2007 : Starts to Study with Arisue Go
(Really started rope)

2008 : First Performance in Tokyo // Creates the Artist Name Yoroï Nicolas
2008 : Bought first reflex 
(Really started photographie)

2011 : Start to teach and perform in France
2013 : Starts International Workshops / Performances
2014 : Starts organizing public event
(Jams, Invited Presenter, Performances)

2014 : First Yureï Picture
(First time working with concepts rather than capturing a moment)

2015 : Opening A Dojo In Brussels
2022 : Using family name as artist name.
2023 : Being nomade again // Leukemia


2023, Normandy picture By CarnivorPic

Life is a journey !

Contact @ a-nicolas.art