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Minimalist and Organic Ropes.


For more than two decades, I have explored Rope Art with the idea of finding a natural, simple and obvious movement. I am looking to express myself through the rope freely with In a harmonious gesture.
For this study path, I use concepts that I have worked in other body arts: (aikido, Thai massage, system A, contact improvisation, tango…)


This is my way and research.
I would like to share it with you!


So what are these elements?

  • Axes: Posture, Stability, Balance
  • Fluid manipulation and listening: Of the Rope, of the Body, of Self and of the Other.
  • Simplification: Figures.
  • Creation of perpetual motion (even in static positions)

All this to create strategies and games with the management of time, space, breathing, risk… allow us to explore the other through rope.

Concretely, what do we do?

Lots of short exercises to understand the concepts, a few directed plays to appropriate them!

These exercises are often based on work with a rope or even without ropes in which one can explore my forms (Enzos, Gyaku Ashi, Teppu…) as well as their constructions, their applications and their principles.

The applications are often suspension or semi-suspension exercises, it depends on the group and its level.

There is always a research part in what I do, so part of the exercises can be created in the workshop to explore together a direction that then seems obvious.

Moreover, I think that sharing my passion for ropes should be as organic and minimalist as my way of tying! For this, it is more my interaction with the group that will decide the content than a recipe prepared in advance.

My study and my sharing are constructed on both sides of the rope. I think that the two participants (or more) must develop their knowledge as well as their skills. In addition, I try to get back to the heart of the sensations of the practice.
Which implies that neither our culture nor gender is part of my primary research.